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What Are The Health Benefits Of Fennel?

Fennel is highly prized for its licorice-like flavor and the myriad of health benefits it provides and has been used in natural remedies since ancient times. Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean, fennel remains especially prevalent in Greek and Italian cuisine – though its influence has spread globally over the years. It is easily recognized by its pale bulb and long

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Sunstroke And Heat Exhaustion

Often people collapse or fall down following prolonged exposure to heat and this condition is described as the consequence of sunstroke or heat exhaustion. In effect, sunstroke and heat exhaustion are two comparable ailments triggered off owing to the collapse of dissimilar systems in our body. Sunstroke is also often referred to as heatstroke and it happens when the liveliness

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Sun safety: how to protect your child from the greatest cause of skin cancer

It is well known that exposure to UV radiation from the sun or indoor tanning devices is a primary cause of skin cancer – the most common form of cancer in the US. What appears to be less well known is the risk UV radiation can pose to children, with a recent survey revealing that 1 in 5 parents are

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Does The Moon Affect Our Mood Or Actions?

Are children like werewolves? Study of children’s sleeping patterns over lunar cycles. Always surrounded by an aura of mystery, the moon and its possible influence over  human behavior have been the object of ancestral fascination and mythical speculation for centuries. While the full moon cannot turn people into werewolves, some people do accuse it of causing a bad night’s sleep or

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Doctors call for single-payer health reform, cite need to move beyond the Affordable Care Act

The American Journal of Public Health publishes physicians’ call for sweeping single-payer reform with detailed proposal signed by over 2,200 doctors nationwide. The unveiling of proposal coincides with heightened debate on ‘Medicare for All’ in presidential primaries. In a dramatic show of physician support for deeper health reform – and for making a decisive break with the private insurance model

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