Food Tool Friday: Grow Fresh Herbs & Veggies Indoors with a Tabletop Greenhouse

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Good Witches Homestead

We’re very fond of finding ways to regrow food. That means taking things like carrot tops and leftover bits from garlic, onions, chives, and other herbs and aromatics to create mini reusable herb gardens.

However, for people who dwell in small spaces with limited outdoor areas or who have pets and children who tend to get in, well, everywhere, it can be tough to find a dedicated spot to do some urban farming. Thankfully, a tabletop greenhouse is a great way to really commit to growing your own food. These small enclosures, usually made of glass, steel, metal, and/or plastic, not only set aside space so your basil and cilantro can grow unhindered, they can also protect them from dust and the occasional random flying object (in my case, usually my dog’s favorite chew toy).

It doesn’t hurt that…

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