Garden For Birds And Butterflies – Themed Garden.

Create a haven for beautiful winged visitors with this garden of colorful herbs.

Hummingbirds and butterflies can’t resist sipping nectar from bright tubular blooms, like those of anise hyssop, calamint, and bee balm. Host plants meet the dietary needs of the caterpillars: Swallowtail larvae, for instance, feed on dill, parsley, and rue while monarch caterpillars prefer milkweed – usually a native plant. A hawthorn tree will anchor the planting by providing butterfly-attracting blooms in spring and bright red berries that feed birds in fall and winter. Look for a species native to your area.

A birdbath helps entice feathered friends to stop, splash, and play on hot summer days. For butterflies, provide shallow saucers of water at ground level.

  1. Calamint {Calamintha nepeta}: 15- to 18-inch perennial shrub will form a tidy mound of small, bright green leaves; lavender-pink bloom spikes in midsummer to late summer; fragrant.
  2. Anise hyssop {Agastache foeniculum}: Upright, 3- to 6-foot plant with maroon-tinted leaves; spikes of bright blue flowers in midsummer to late summer; aromatic.
  3. Bee balm {Monarda fistulosa}: Light purple flower heads atop 3-foot stems in midsummer to late summer; dark green leaves with toothed margins; aromatic.
  4. Purple coneflower {Echinacea purpurea}: Sturdy stems 2 to 3 feet tall; purple daisy-like flowers in midsummer to late summer.
  5. Soapwort ‘Rosea Plena’ {Saponaria officinalis}: Erect leafy stem up to 2 feet tall; clusters of double pink blooms in midsummer to late summer.
  6. Curley parsley {Petroselinum crispum}: Bushy, 12-inch-tall biennial plants with dark green curled leaves. Replant annually.
  7. Dill {Anethum graveolens}: 2- to 3-foot upright stems topped by yellow-green flower umbels up to 6 inches across; feathery leaves; aromatic.
  8. Milkweed {Asclepias syriaca}: Shrubby, 3-foot tall perennial with showy pink blooms in early to midsummer; large, dark green leaves. A monarch favorite!
  9. Rue ‘Blue Mound’ {Ruta graveolens}: Compact evergreen shrub, 12 inches tall; grayish blue spade-shaped leaves; bright yellow flowers midsummer to late summer.
  10. New Jersey tea {Ceanothus americanus}: Deciduous shrub up to 3 feet tall; finely toothed, dark green leaves; airy white flowers on racemes in early to midsummer, followed by seedpods.
  11. Hawthorn {Crataegus spp.}: A member of the rose family, this deciduous, thorny, small tree bears clusters of aromatic white flowers in spring; bright red berries persist into winter.

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