Easter Decorations

All you need to do is have a forest through your garden shed, get some empty jam jars out of the larder and you’re ready to go. O.K. if you haven’t got a garden shed pop down to your lo… Source: Easter Decorations

Herb Garden Design – Theme Gardens.

Another approach to garden design is to focus on a common feature, or themes - such as herbs that are medicinal, herbs used for cooking, or herbs that attract butterflies. Theme gardens can also feature a common color - such as an all-white garden. You might base your design on plants that have special significance. … Continue reading Herb Garden Design – Theme Gardens.

Herb Garden Design – Period Gardens.

If you own a house with a distinct architectural style - such as Early American, Victorian, or Craftsman - you might want to echo the style of that period in your garden landscape and herb garden. Period gardens generally follow the designs, materials, techniques, and plants of a given era. Before you embark on a … Continue reading Herb Garden Design – Period Gardens.

Herb Garden Design 101

Designing a garden can be great fun as you consider potential plants and plant combinations, plant placement, and hardscape features {such as walls, pathways, and steps}. The design and planning phase of a garden are also critical to its success so take the time to do it thoughtfully. It's a lot easier, and less expensive, … Continue reading Herb Garden Design 101