Planning Your Garden Electronically.

As the Internet continues to grow and new varieties of plants become available, it can sometimes become a daunting task in locating reputable vendors that offer plants or other gardening services or supplies online. Websites seemingly pop up overnight and promises are made of "guaranteed to grow in your garden" offers. How can you sort … Continue reading Planning Your Garden Electronically.

Poultry Folklore

black chicken always has a pale white skin. A brood will be successful if you set your hen on Monday. A chicken crossing your path will bring you bad luck. A chicken hatched during the spring will lay every other day. A crowing hen is the sign of bad luck. A fight between two roosters … Continue reading Poultry Folklore

A Garden Of Healing Herbs.

Natural medicinal gardens can be cultivated in four stages and it is possible to undertake these all at the same time - following their gradual development over a period of several years. The first stage involves growing herbs in beds laid in rows, circles, geometric or in a haphazard pattern - almost in the manner … Continue reading A Garden Of Healing Herbs.

Herb Garden: What is an Herb?

Herbs are a fascinating group of plants with a history of cultivation stretching back to the dawn of civilization. Once the herb garden was a practical project, necessary for supplying flavorings for the kitchen and medicines for the family. Today, gardeners are growing herbs for medicinal purposes and for their attractive looks, pleasing fragrances, and … Continue reading Herb Garden: What is an Herb?

Starting Your Seeds Indoors This Winter.

Expert answers to your herb-growing questions. Q.  This year I want to grow some of my herb plants from seeds. What are the steps to starting seeds over the winter? A.  Seed starting is like baking bread- you need the right mix of ingredients, the right temperature, and viable yeast. In the case of seed starting, the … Continue reading Starting Your Seeds Indoors This Winter.

Burn Relief.

Oil Rub for Burned Skin   This mixture gives relief. And you can safely use it several times a day. 1 drop tea tree essential oil 1/4 cup organic olive oil 1. In a small dish, dilute the essential oil with the olive oil 2. Gently massage the mixture over the burned area. Soothing Oil … Continue reading Burn Relief.

7 ~ Natural, Homemade Ointments and Antiseptics to Make and Use At Home.

First - Aid Antiseptic Here is an all-natural solution with germ-killing properties that will help soothe a minor cut or abrasion. Be sure to wash the affected area well before applying it. 2 ounces Calendula Ointment {below} 40 drops lavender essential oil 20 drops tea tree essential oil 10 drops chamomile essential oil 10 drops … Continue reading 7 ~ Natural, Homemade Ointments and Antiseptics to Make and Use At Home.

Choose the Best Garden Fence.

The best garden fence is whichever fence will reliably keeps the critters from your crops. When you have it in place you can love the wild things and still sleep peacefully at night. Most gardeners eventually have heated encounters with unwanted wild animals. The best and kindest solution is to keep them out with the … Continue reading Choose the Best Garden Fence.