Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘J’

'Jacques Cartier' Roses (Portland, Introduced - 1868)Pearly rose flowers with darker pink, button like centers are very full, highly fragrant, and often quartered. The 3-inch blooms appear all summer on 2 1/2- to 3 1/2-foot plants with closely spaced, light green leaves. This rare variety is one of the few Portland roses that are still available. … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘J’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘K’

'Kathleen' Roses (Shrub, Introduced - 1922)Hybrid musk. Single, richly fragrant blush pink flowers are small (1 to 1 1/2 inches), but bloom in large clusters all summer. The prominent stamens give the blooms the appearance of apple blossoms. Vigorous plants grow 6- to 12- feet tall and have disease-resistant foliage. Orange hips form in the fall. … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘K’

What Is DHEA – {dehydroepiandrosterone}?

The compound dehydroepiandrosterone - DHEA is often called the “mother of hormones,” this chemical is required by the body as a chemical precursor during the biosynthesis of all types of human hormones, that includes the female hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone, for example. The endocrine organs known as the adrenal glands that are … Continue reading What Is DHEA – {dehydroepiandrosterone}?

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘L’

'Lady Penzance' Roses (Eglanteria, Introduced - 1894)Small, 1- to 2-inch single flowers of coppery pink with yellow centers look scarlet from a distance and bloom on 8-foot, arching plants. Foliage and flowers are fragrant, but plants are susceptible to black spot. 'Lady X' Roses (Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1966)Long, pointed buds open into high-centered, slender, 4-inch double … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘L’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘M’

'Mabel Morrison' Roses (Hybrid Perpetuea, Introduced - 1878)The hybrid perpetuals tend to be tall and ungainly shrubs, but this relatively compact cultivar with its healthy, handsome foliage is a happy exception. 'Mabel Morrison' is not a common rose, but it is one that deserves to be better known. Its large cupped blossoms are extraordinary; they look … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘M’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘N’

'Nastarana' Roses (Noisette, Introduced - 1879)The semi-double blooms of 'Nastarana' rose are white tinged with pink and appear in large clusters on new wood. Each flower is about 2 inches across and bears a pleasant tea rose fragrance. Flowering repeats well throughout the season. Leaves are smooth, oval, and medium green. Plants are very vigorous, with … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘N’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘O’

'Old Blush' Roses (China, Introduced - 1752)One of the oldest southern garden roses, this cultivar remains a favorite. The generosity of its bloom is partly responsible for this: 'Old Blush' is continuously in flower through all but the very coldest months. This rose is virtually indestructible and is commonly found lingering at abandoned home sites long … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘O’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘P’

'Pacesetter' Roses (Miniature, Introduced - 1979)Elegant pointed buds open into pure white, very double flowers with 45 to 50 petals and long cutting stems. The fragrant, high-centered flowers are 1 to 1 1/2 inches across. Disease-resistant, dark green foliage clothes this compact 18- to 24-inch bush. 'Papa Meilland' Roses (Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1963)Pointed buds open into … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘P’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘Q’

'Queen Elizabeth' Roses (Grandiflora, Introduced - 1954)This was the founding rose of its class, the very first grandiflora, and it remains one of the best. 'Queen Elizabeth' sets a high standard for any kind of rose, with its disease resistance, hardiness, and abundant, almost continuous bloom. Its large, double, medium pink flowers appear singly or in … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘Q’

Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘R’

'Radiance' Roses (Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1908)For those hybrid tea admirers who are searching for hardier roses within this class, often the older, less inbred cultivars are the best choices. 'Radiance' is a case in point. Dating back to the turn of the century, you will find this rose flourishing in abandoned or neglected gardens and … Continue reading Roses In Alphabetical Order ‘R’