Heal Migraines With Natural Remedies.

People practicing natural remedies firmly believe in one principle – one disease, one cause. This means that our body will cure itself provided it is cleansed of all toxins and supplied with the correct nutrients. While they believe that every disease has its origin in the cells, health restoration begins from the gut. As far as migraines are concerned, we are aware of four basic things – the problem involves the vessels, is accompanied by inflammation (vessels and nerves), results in poor serotonin levels and may be a result of toxicity due to heavy metals.

Boost Serotonin

Everyone suffering from migraines have a common symptom – the serotonin levels drop prior to a migraine attack. Our gut contains beneficial bacteria, which make 80% of serotonin in the body. Therefore, improved gut health and higher serotonin production help to lessen or avoid migraines. One can attain this by removing Candida and all bad bacteria from the gut and colonize it with helpful bacteria. In addition, the diet should contain lots of prebiotic and probiotic foods.

Reduce Inflammation

Another factor for migraines is inflammation. One can eliminate or reduce inflammation by avoiding all foods that result in allergic reactions, such as processed and defined foods. Instead, consume foods that include natural omega 3 fatty acids – for instance, uncooked fresh vegetables and fruits.

Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals

B-vitamins promote vascular health and are also essential for nerves as well as nervous tissues. Instead of simply taking one B-vitamin for any duration, you ought to take a B-complex vitamin. In addition, vitamin C and D, in addition to calcium, selenium and magnesium, are also useful for vascular health. Also take omega 3 oils, which facilitate the body to absorb B vitamins.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Chelating heavy metals may also prove to be helpful in alleviating migraine problems. In fact, several people have got relief from migraines after they removed their mercury fillings.


As far as treating migraines is concerned, ginger is a miraculous herb. It is advisable that people susceptible to migraines should take ginger immediately when they think they are facing a migraine attack, for instance during when they experience an aura or the start of pain. You may extract the juice of fresh ginger root and drink it, or mix it with fruit juice. Taking a blend of ginger root juice with apple and carrot is said to be effective. Ginger can also be taken in other forms, but the most bio-available form is fresh ginger root.

Ginger is also useful for treating nausea, especially when the migraine attack has already happened.

Essential Oils

Inhaling peppermint, lavender and basil essential oils are known to lessen migraine pain.


Like any other disease, stress is also responsible for migraines. Hence, it is crucial to know how you can mitigate stress, because chronic stress often has an adverse effect on one’s biochemistry. So, look at your life style and see if you need to make any changes. If you desire to reduce your level of stress, you need to be trained to take deep breaths, breathe properly and naturally. Therefore, learning to meditate and exercising daily is important.

Start Grounding

Often, electro magnetic fields (EMFs) may become intense and promote migraine attacks. So try earthing for some time, getting connected to the earth. You may walk barefoot or even sit on the open ground.

The Most Effective and Quickest Migraine Cure

Inhaling cayenne pepper helps to treat migraines. While this may be painful, migraine attacks are even worse. In fact, this will produce immediate results.

Irrespective of migraines occurring too often or sporadically, the pain is devastating indeed. No individual should suffer from migraine attacks. In order to ensure that migraines don’t occur in your life, you need to modify your diet. Stay away from all prescription as well as other drugs, including OTC medications, sustain the normal balance of the gut flora, and mend your nervous system. If you are of the view that you are taking a healthy diet, but still suffering from migraines, it is important to take another look at it. First of all, you need to eliminate Candida and, undergo a complete detoxification program.