Growing Herbs.

herbsThe healing herb garden: It conjures up images of lush landscapes that indulge your eyes, sun-baked golden pathways that guide your spirit, and cool breezes that make your skin tingle.

Spend some time in these lovely natural settings and you’ll find it’s therapeutic just being among plants. Allow the green world into your sensual realm and you’ll experience healing. Science shows that, of all the colors, green is the most soothing and rejuvenating as it passes through the retina of your eye. Just touching and smelling aromatic herbs bring minute quantities of the medicinal molecules into your body. We need moments and days of quiet reflection and contemplation to hear what the plants have to say to us, particularly because our increasingly fast-paced and multifaceted world disconnects us from nature.

You can be part of the world of healing herbs wherever you are. No matter how you choose to enter into this ancient form of self-care, you’re taking an important step that can lead you in new directions. Some of us have a patio or deck with room for decorative pots, and some of us have a sunny windowsill or corner of a kitchen – you can grow herbs in all of these places. Starting a garden, indoors or out, allows you to connect with the soil, to nurture healing plants, and to grow your own medicines. When you grow herbs yourself, they’re conveniently at hand when you need them most.


  • Beautiful. Did you grow them from seed?

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    • Winding River Herbs

      Every herb we grow has come from seed. We have second and third generation growing as we speak. Rosemary is our one true herb that is quite picky to grow. We are working on a post just about that. But, Yes, every herb comes from seed here on our farm.


      • Wow! That sounds lovely to have a farm, I can only imagine how much space you have. And that’s great about the Rosemary post! I’ve got some growing in a little planter that I would love to learn more about.