COMMON NAME: anemone GENUS: Anemone SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: A. hybrida 'Queen Charlotte'- deep pink; 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall. A.h. 'Honorine Jobert'- white. A.h. 'September Charm'- pink. A. coronaria 'Flore Pleno'- double scarlet flowers. FAMILY: Ranunculaceae BLOOMS: Fall TYPE: perennial DESCRIPTION: Flowers come in single or double forms and in shades of pink, red, and white, … Continue reading Anemone.


COMMON NAME: ageratum GENUS: Ageratum SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: A. houstonianum. Blue hybrids: Blue Blazer, Blue Angel, Blue Mink, Blue Surf, Midget Blue, Florist's Blue. White; Album, Summer Snow, Mexican White. Purple: Royal Blazer. Pink: Fairy Pink, Pinkie. FAMILY: Compositae BLOOMS: summer and fall TYPE: annual DESCRIPTION: Ageratum hybrids vary in height from 5 to 24 inches. … Continue reading Ageratum.


COMMON NAME: aster GENUS: Aster SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: Most hybrids were developed from A. Novae-belgii and A. Novae-angliae. 'Eventide'- purple; 4 to 5 feet tall; from A. Novae-belgii, 'Harrington's Pink'- light pink; 5 feet tall; from A. Novae-angliae. Dwarf forms also available. FAMILY: Compositae BLOOMS: Fall TYPE: annuals and perennials DESCRIPTION: Small daisy-like flowers come in shades … Continue reading Aster.


COMMON NAME: calendula GENUS: Calendula SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: C. Officinalis 'Golden Gem'- dwarf; double; yellow. 'Pacific Beauty'- double; yellow, orange, apricot; more heat tolerant than other cultivars. 'Orange Gem'- double; medium orange. 'Chrysantha'- double; buttercup yellow. FAMILY: Compositae BLOOMS: summer and fall TYPE: annual DESCRIPTION: Calendulas have light green aromatic leaves and large {up to … Continue reading Calendula.


COMMON NAME: chrysanthemumGENUS: ChrysanthemumSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:The garden chrysanthemum,C. morifolium, is a hybrid developed from four species native to Asia. Many cultivars have been developed from this one, differing in size, shape, type of flowering head, growth habit, color, and time of bloom.FAMILY: CompositaeBLOOMS: FallTYPE: perennialDESCRIPTION: The many classes of chrysanthemum include pompon, quill, spider, brush, thistle, … Continue reading Chrysanthemum.


COMMON NAME: colchicumGENUS: ColchicumSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:C. speciosum. C. autumnale'Alba'- white. C.a.  'Majus'- large.C.a. 'Minus'- dwarf form. C.a. 'Roseum'- rose pink.FAMILY: LiliaceaeBLOOMS: FallTYPE: perennialDESCRIPTION: The flowers are lavender, red, or rose colored. They resemble crocus blooms and can be either single or double forms. The blossoms appear in fall but the leaves don't appear until spring and … Continue reading Colchicum.


COMMON NAME: sedumGENUS: SedumSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS:S. kamtschaticum- 3 to 4 inches tall; orange or yellow blooms. S. sieboldii- silver green leaves; pink flowers on 6- to 9-inch stems. S.spectabile- 18 inches tall; carmine red flowers. S. telephium 'Autumn Joy'- rosy pink flowers on 18- to 24-inch stems.FAMILY: CrassulaceaeBLOOMS: FallTYPE: PerennialDESCRIPTION: Sedums generally have thick, fleshy leaves … Continue reading Sedum.